About the course

Find Your Voice, taught by singer songwriter Tanya Wells, is a unique online course bringing together vocal techniques from the East (specifically drawing upon vocal techniques used in Hindustani classical music) and the West, allowing you to develop a well-rounded appreciation of voice culture.

You will be joining Tanya live on Zoom over a six week period to acquire various techniques/exercises and compositions that work to enhance your knowledge and practice with your singing voice.

Dates and times of live sessions:

1. Sunday 13th February 6pm CET (Central European Time)

2. Sunday 20th February 6pm CET

3. Sunday 27th February 6pm CET

4. Sunday 6th March 6pm CET

5. Sunday 13th March 6pm CET

6. Sunday 20th March 6pm CET

Please note that all Zoom videos of weekly classes plus class PDFs will be downloadable from the course website for you to practice throughout the week. 

BONUS SESSIONS: You will benefit from FREE one-to-one sessions each Wednesday at an allotted time between 13H CET and 18H CET to go through practice and material live with Tanya. 

What do you need?

  • A computer/ tablet or smart phone device with internet connection to join our online sessions;
  • Tanpura, either real instrument or any Tanpura apps of your preference (iShala or iTanpura recommended);
  • Download and open a Zoom account at this will be the main platform used for the classes;
  • A willingness to sing!

Course Outline

The course structure is broken down into six lessons for each online live session.

  1. Lesson One - Breathing as Fuel
  2. Lesson Two - Building Flexibility
  3. Lesson Three - Finding out your Vocal Register
  4. Lesson Four - Singing with Ornamentation
  5. Lesson Five - Singing in Chest Voice
  6. Lesson Six - Singing in Head Voice

What will you have gained by the end of the course?

  • Gained confidence with singing voice;
  • Gained deeper understanding of vocal culture;
  • Be able to know how to control one's voice, changing from chest voice to head voice and falsetto;
  • Be able to sing vocal ornamentation;
  • Be able to sing a host of different genres of music.

Your vocal coach

Tanya Wells is a British/ Swiss singer-songwriter and spent several childhood years living in North India where language, diverse music and culture informed the ears and imagination of this talented singer.

Her flexible vocal style (attributed to years of having learnt North Indian classical vocal) has given her opportunities to perform with world renown artists such as sitarist Anoushka Shankar (Cannes Film festival 2014), soul singer Joss Stone (Mama Stones 2013), Arabic vocalist Natacha Atlas (Ronnie Scotts 2016) as well as lay down vocals for award winning film composers such as A.R. Rahman and Nitin Sawhney.

With a double Masters (with distinction) in International Performance Research, Tanya now embraces the praxis of bringing cultures together to tell stories through music with her band Seven Eyes.